Introducing Pool

Reimagining Ownership

Pool is a website to help people come together and get the most out of life by pooling their money together to buy items. We foster community around joint ownership. Thats right, Joint ownership! Your next pooler could be your new best friend, lover, business partner or maybe just some person you once owned something with....either way heres how it works:


How it Works

Post your Pool

If you want to create a pool ( A syndicate to co-own an item), simply go onto "Post Your Pool", create a profile and create a group for your pool. 


This can be for anything, a Camera, Paddleboard, Drill etc..

Find A pool

Don't know what your looking for, or you see a posting of what you want. Simply leave a comment on that group with all your details.

Pool Syndication

Once a post has enough people to syndicate the pool (meet the desired pool size), A Whatsapp group will be created to organise the purchasing and managing item.

Pool Size

When posting, you need to think about

how often you want to use the items.

This will decide how big your pool should be. Once a week, maybe no more than 3. 

Once a month, 8 sounds good. Its up to you. 

Want to leave a pool

You want out of the pool, simply sell your share on.  Post your share in the find my pool section, cost - depreciation, and have the next pooler take it on board. 

Wait a minute, your only paying the depreciation..........Thats A LOT cheaper than renting!!


Trust is big thing when co-owning items. A photo and functional test of the item after each use can keep everyone A-OK, ensuring that the item is staying in tip-top condition.

Build community around your pool through thrust :).